What is “Brown” weed?

Brown weeds are the last one that you would like to taste in your life. These are the worst quality, cheap products which are heavily available in the market. Its love of making easy money which attracts there producers to grow such plants as these low-quality weeds don’t require much effort to be grown. They just need to throw in some seeds and keep watering them, even before they reach maturity these plants are harvested and dried like hell. These weeds are also called brick weed because after drying and curing these weeds are filled in a vacuum container for transportation in a brick-shaped vessel. It’s the desire to make fast and handsome money which compels growing these brown weeds.

Brown weed are the lowest quality weed that contains a low concentration of THC in it. In case you have a good tolerant to THC, you might not feel high, but in case you are a low potent beginner to weed culture, it might have an effect at you, but it won’t last too long. For a person to get high, he needs to consume in a huge amount of these which will only affect your body and end up getting you on the bed. It may cause sore throat and anxiousness, which you won’t like. Even now, if you are willing to buy some, I must tell you, it tastes like hell.

However, there are a few benefits too; these weeds are used for medicinal purpose on mentally sick people also, it can be used as a substitute for many expensive dyes in cannabis recipe. These aren’t like those top-notch green weeds which get moisturized with a simple squeeze between fingers unlike those of riggie brown weeds which are dry at all. In case you find some brown or dark packets of weed in the market, avoid buying one

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