Things to know about Reggie Weed

Reggie weeds produce seeds there for there much be more seeds production rather than the leaves. It is produced in totally different way and which causes very nauseated effect.Reggie weed have dark green color and sometime it is brown too. Reggie weed have very strange color on it.

Reggie weed is not good in taste. It is far cry from good quality taste of cannabis. It is very unpleasant and onecannot enjoy it for long and can feel nausea while having it.

Reggie weed is easy to get. One can get from black market easily and its very cheap also. 


The THC that is tetrahydrocannabinol contained in Reggie weed. It can make you high along with some therapeutic benefits. But in this cannabis compound can make you high. Many weeds have this THC but Reggie weed have only level of 2 percent. Average THC can be in strain of 10 percent. Low THC in Reggie weed means you have to consume ton of it to get that kind of high.

Reggie Weed Quality

Reggie weed is a result of poor quality of grown and fertilizers that makes to grown it into so many seeds. Female Reggie weed produces seed which diverts energy to have THC production and grow buds into growing more seeds. This make the plant quality worse.Reggie weed is grown in the field directly and one can grow it in large field just make yourself free from cops.

Reggie weed is not so strong so one can develop the tolerance towards the smoke in less timer. 

Conclusion: The effect of Reggie weed is very low and many smokers does not feel it that shows it potency. Reggie weed is a shit comes under C grade smells like a brute.


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