Pechoti method is an Ayurvedic practice from centuries which is use to apply drop of essential oils into your pechoti gland that is in your belly button to absorbed and gives effective results in many ailments. When the oil is absorbed it stimulates and spread into pechoti gland which connects more than 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. The pechoti methods is used to –

  • Relax your body
  • Deals with many ailments
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Relieve stomach and menstrual pain
  • Helps in stress reduction
  • Pumps blood circulation in the body
  • Improve eye vision 

Steps of doing Pechoti Method

Before proceeding have your favorite essential oil and figure out your comfortable place to do this activity.

Step 1: Lay down on your comfortable place and take a deep breath and give relaxation to body and mind.

Step 2: Pour few drops of essential oil in your belly button around 6-7 drops.

Step 3: Gently do massage near to belly button over a stomach for 6-8 minutes and breathe deeply in and out or you can do with belly button massage towel available in the market so you won’t feel tire during hand massage.

Step 4: Keep your arms aside and relax it and make your stomach area feel warm and comfortable.

Step 5: Rub the remaining oil in your stomach clockwise with your palm tightly and then relax.

Essentials oils like castor oil, almond oil, lemon oil, ginger oil, neem oil, tulsi oil, tea tree oil etc. can be use while this method for dealing with ailments. One can do it before you go to sleep for best results.

These methods will bring healthy outcomes related to pain and skin problems which make you feel good and beautiful with the consistent massage.



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