How to roll

Those who love drugs tends to love them at their peak level. As we can say there are handful of reasons that why lovers usually prefer this method of intaking the marijuana or weeds. Here’s how you roll

  • Taste and smell: many love one enjoy it smell and tastes that comes from the tobacco leaf wrapped over the weed they some times mixes two different flavor leaf make it one for smoking experiences.
  • Slow burn: Blunts usually tends to burn for little longer than a standard joints. As it provide experience slowly and slowly for longer duration.
  • Versatility: As one can easily and quickly roll it up anytime and anywhere. As it can be equally effective for social smoking as well as personal.
  • Effects: The tobacco leaf wrap has been introduce a very new and feeling high sensation with combination of tobacco and cannabis.
  • Blunts seems to be excellent choice for the cannabis which has the strong aromas and flavors as it burns slow and have a intense high feeling.

As rolling paper are the most important element, selecting right tobacco wrap is the delight of each and every rolling because they tend to be very loyal to a particular brand of tobacco Wrapping paper. It is wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper instead of standard rolling paper through which it distinctive feature can be defined including its smell, taste, and burn time.

They can taste like Earth or spice. Perhaps they can even taste like chicken. But, no matter what, they should never taste like dirt. Dirt, is just not a popular flavor. If a cigar happens to taste stale, musty, or like you are scoping soil from the garden and placing the shovel in your mouth, you will know you are smoking a cigar that has gone bad or a cigar that is was born bad.


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Pechoti Gland – 101

The pechoti gland is remain in inner part of naval which connects more than 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. Many people practice by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the cannabinoids.

The pechoti gland is used from centuries to treat many medicinal problem and treatments. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland. If someone is suffering from cold and cough or sore throats then put mustard oil at pechoti gland, it gives relief. By applying oil on pechoti gland it reaches to cannabinoids which have ability to reach every part of our body.

The oils drops on gland may relief to various ailment-

  • Drop of brandy gives relief in period pain in women.
  • Drop of castor oil give relief in stomach ache
  • Drop of olive oil give relief in diarrhea
  • Drop of coconut oil improves fertility
  • Drop of almond oil can give glow skin.


It is the traditional long time benefit method. This method can be used for many illnesses which give long time relief with regular use of oils in pechoti gland.

Most of the people are turning towards the Ayurveda not only in Indian culture but also in Western culture. Pechoti gland is use to deliver nutrients and medicines and led to the inner glow and beauty to outer cells of the body. People usually practices by applying essentials or CBD oil in naval or belly button to allow pechoti gland to absorb the oils which have ability to reach every part of our body.…

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Pachoti gland – what it is ?

It is a small structure in the head of naval it is called the master gland because it produces functions including growth. Hormones secreted by its influence growth, sexual development, skin pigmentation thyroid function and the adrenocortical function.

The effect of pituitary hormones or other endocrine gland except for growth hormone which acts directly on hormones.

The belly button is often over looked part of our body. The belly button epitomizes the inception of life. The connector between an unborn child and its mother inside the womb. The belly button is the focal point of sound health, body, mind and spirit.

The belly button is very powerful because the button is near and the center of our abdomen and around our center of gravity. It sits over our intestine lymph nodes and blood vessels which is near to our nerves.

It is responsible for the rest and digest functions of our body. It is also the entry point for the major energy center in our lower abdomen. Navels are very important reflexology point that stimulates our whole body.

Sometimes some problem arise in our belly button for this the treatment used is called pechoti method.

Belly button healing is a  single process for navel to reliever stress and pain and provide health and energy by massaging our belly button we gain a deep sense of awareness of pain inflicted area. Its healing can be done by the hand or the tools.

When we feel pain, press the area gently for a few second after that remove your hand and just wait for a seconds. Repeat the process for the full minutes as we do this the pain will go away.


The belly button is the point of connection between child in the womb and mother through a navel, the card of tissues connecting mother with the child.…


The Pechoti method is used to absorb essential oils in your body through pechoti gland that is through your belly bottom as it connects from 72,000 nerves of our body which run throughout to various organs and tissues. It includes by adding drops and massaging on pechoti gland to relief from pain and relaxation. The pechoti method won’t harm anything its only absorb oil in your body through navel.

The few steps of pechoti method are there which can be use by anyone and have benefit of it thorugh oils in belly button-

  1. Dilute your essential oil with a carrier oil
  2. Rinse and clean your belly button and dry it.
  3. Sit calmly or lie down on your body or couch.
  4. Add few drops on your belly button and let it absorb into your skin
  5. Put clean towel into it and don’t touch it directly.
  6. Press your belly bottom gently with thumbs or any finger at once.
  7. If you feel, then continue pressing till the pain begins to diminish.
  8. Press it more tightly till there is no longer pain.
  9. Move around the near area of your belly button and stomach and repeat these steps for 5 to 7 time more until ones begin to feel tension or some uneasiness relief.
  10. Blow your tummy clockwise with palm for a minute.

Here are few oils which can be use during pechoti method

  • Castor oil for stomach ache
  • Almond oil for glowing skin
  • Lemon oil for skin pigmentation
  • Ginger oil for nausea
  • Tea tree oil for skin tenderness
  • Pure desi ghee for baby soft skin
  • Neem oil for skin problems like white spots or face puffiness.
  • Olive oil for diarrhea

There are many others essential oils too to deal with different ailments.…

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Pechoti method is an Ayurvedic practice from centuries which is use to apply drop of essential oils into your pechoti gland that is in your belly button to absorbed and gives effective results in many ailments. When the oil is absorbed it stimulates and spread into pechoti gland which connects more than 72,000 nerves which run throughout in our body to various organs and tissues. The pechoti methods is used to –

  • Relax your body
  • Deals with many ailments
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain
  • Relieve stomach and menstrual pain
  • Helps in stress reduction
  • Pumps blood circulation in the body
  • Improve eye vision 

Steps of doing Pechoti Method

Before proceeding have your favorite essential oil and figure out your comfortable place to do this activity.

Step 1: Lay down on your comfortable place and take a deep breath and give relaxation to body and mind.

Step 2: Pour few drops of essential oil in your belly button around 6-7 drops.

Step 3: Gently do massage near to belly button over a stomach for 6-8 minutes and breathe deeply in and out or you can do with belly button massage towel available in the market so you won’t feel tire during hand massage.

Step 4: Keep your arms aside and relax it and make your stomach area feel warm and comfortable.

Step 5: Rub the remaining oil in your stomach clockwise with your palm tightly and then relax.

Essentials oils like castor oil, almond oil, lemon oil, ginger oil, neem oil, tulsi oil, tea tree oil etc. can be use while this method for dealing with ailments. One can do it before you go to sleep for best results.

These methods will bring healthy outcomes related to pain and skin problems which make you feel good and beautiful with the consistent massage.