Pachoti gland – what it is ?

It is a small structure in the head of naval it is called the master gland because it produces functions including growth. Hormones secreted by its influence growth, sexual development, skin pigmentation thyroid function and the adrenocortical function.

The effect of pituitary hormones or other endocrine gland except for growth hormone which acts directly on hormones.

The belly button is often over looked part of our body. The belly button epitomizes the inception of life. The connector between an unborn child and its mother inside the womb. The belly button is the focal point of sound health, body, mind and spirit.

The belly button is very powerful because the button is near and the center of our abdomen and around our center of gravity. It sits over our intestine lymph nodes and blood vessels which is near to our nerves.

It is responsible for the rest and digest functions of our body. It is also the entry point for the major energy center in our lower abdomen. Navels are very important reflexology point that stimulates our whole body.

Sometimes some problem arise in our belly button for this the treatment used is called pechoti method.

Belly button healing is a  single process for navel to reliever stress and pain and provide health and energy by massaging our belly button we gain a deep sense of awareness of pain inflicted area. Its healing can be done by the hand or the tools.

When we feel pain, press the area gently for a few second after that remove your hand and just wait for a seconds. Repeat the process for the full minutes as we do this the pain will go away.


The belly button is the point of connection between child in the womb and mother through a navel, the card of tissues connecting mother with the child.

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