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A platform that provides you to share your views and experience in the field of Marijuana. You can write us blogs and get your work published to make other people know about it. You can write about personal savings, tax planning, insurance system or any thing related to finance. Be creative share your experience to get more knowledge and views.

Do you want to write to us?

You can share your content as a rough idea or proper sample to us with the proper detailing to the paragraph. Now these content would be published and feed back would be given for the further assistance. But the article should not be published else where.

How to write to us?

We always encourage new authors with new content and creative content. You can always write to us as a guest and we appreciate your efforts. The knowledge you impart will be some how beneficial to the people.

Guidelines that you need to follow

  1. Length of article: We require a well researched and informative article with minimum word count of 1500. The article should be engaging and should be topic centeric.
  2. Topics: if you want to get published on our website  then you should make sure that your writing should be related to the topic and your topic should be relevant to our blogs . you can select any topic from the following categories for Marijuana Write for us articles:
  • Marijuana  Benefits
  • Marijuana Uses
  • Marijuana rolling techniques
  • Marijuana intake tips
  • Marijuana Medical uses
  1. External links: if your content is selected than we may allow you to put one backlink to your original blog.
  2. Selling is tough: please make sure that your article should not promote any product or sites of our competitors.
  3. Copyrights: you are not allowed to provide any work that is not written by you.

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