How to roll a joint

Marijuana abuse can lead many teenagers to sell the drug in order to support their habit. There are important slang terms solely related to dealing and distributing the pot. In order to weigh and break up the marijuana, a person needs a scale. The three most commonly used scales are called “hand scales” for the simplicity and ease of use when in someone’s hand, a “digi” because it is a digital scale, and a “tri-beam” which refers to a triple beam balance (think like a high school chemistry set). The price and bag sizes of marijuana are based upon the weight, so pay close attention for slang terms like “eighth,” “zip (ounce)” or “QP” (quarter pound).

By combining your knowledge of the slang terms for marijuana, the tools used to smoke the drug, the terms used in its distribution, and simple home drug testing kits you can be assured as a parent that you are doing everything possible to keep your family drug free.


  • Fill with Cannabis: Fill your paper with the shake and with the crutch, and once you fill the cannabis then give it a shape with your hands
  • Pack the Joint: Give the joint a Cone shape, pinch the paper between the thumb and the finger and then roll it round in shape.
  • Roll the Joint: Now when you are done with packing roll the joint through the unglued side and then stick the one end of the paper using a little moisture.
  • Finish Packing the joint: Now when you are done with all the steps pack the joint to the end and make sure the joint burns smoothly.
  • Create a filter or crutch: Make a crutch or a filter using a cardboard or a Business card since they are solid in form and will give a better support.

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