How to roll a joint? Learn Now

Joint is a technique to relax your mind and some people use for focus. Joints makes people relax from the daily schedule and get you to a different trip. Previously the joints were made with the cigarette papers. Make the joint in the shape of cone and use filter made with a cardboard.

Requirements to make a joint:

  • Half Gram of Cannabis
  • A Rolling paper- generally it should be more than one
  • Grinder
  • Cardboard to make a filter

Steps to roll a joint:

  • Break the buds: You can use a grinder to grind the buds or can use hands to grind but it takes a little more time to break through hands and makes your hand sticky. The strains that are sticky are really hard to grind through a grinder so break those sticky ones by hands.
  • Make a filter: Use a cardboard to make a joint’s filter, they are solid in form and will give a better support. It is attached at the end of the joint through which you smoke.
  • Fill the joint paper and pack the weed: Fill your paper with the shake and with the crutch, and once you fill the cannabis then give it a shape with your hands. Give the joint a Cone shape, pinch the paper between the thumb and the finger and then roll it round in shape. Now when you are done with packing roll the joint through the unglued side and then stick the one end of the paper using a little moisture.
  • Roll it and wrap it up: Press the weed down using the finger, and roll it with the thumb. Tuck the filter on the end after giving it the cone shape. Then wrap the top of the joint and burn the joint to that side.


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