How to roll a blunt – Everything you need to know

When we talk about the blunt it is as similar to joint, but when we come to define it then it is wrapped in a tobacco leaf paper instead of standard rolling paper through which it distinctive feature can be defined including its smell, taste, and burn time.

For rolling a blunt one need to grind the blunt as it is much necessary as it can be grind by a grinder. Then you need to wrap the blunt for which one has to select the wrap of their own choices and the moment at that time what taste you are liking to have. Now its time to break down the wrap the best choice to break it through the blade from the middle top to bottom and just simply take care and empty it  and discard the tobacco. After removing all tobacco from the wrap you need to moisten the wrap it seems to be good idea to moisten the wrap with water or saliva with making it easier to work with. And place the amount of weed in wrap for this you need to hold the weed in one hand and make the wrap in cylindrical shape and start to put a pinch of weed or marijuana in it by forming a line that runs the full length of the wrap.

After this its time to roll up a blunt use your hand to gently rock the wrapping paper back which provide you to roll your blunt in a cylindrical shape which is uniform in thickness. When you thinks that you have found a right shape then seal its both edges by leaking to the roll and light up the lighter and move around the roll in order to make it perfect roll.

Now you are ready to enjoy your day full of unique feeling then light up your roll of blunt from one end and smoke it through other end.

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