Day: August 21, 2020

Which part of the plant should you smoke to get high?

Normally a person who does not smoke or consume weed of any type and has stepped in to take his first one thinks that the leaves of Marijuana is commonly said as weed and it can be consumed to get high. We will find out that which are the parts of the plants that is used to consume and which are the parts that should be avoided.

Confusion about what part should be consumed?

However, many people think that it’s the leaves that is used for smoking, but in reality, it’s the bud which is commonly smoked in. This thought generally resides in the new people who have just started to try weed for recreation, and it is also because it is the leaves of the plant which is branded for long and not the bud, but very few people know that it is the bud which should be consumed. It is also true that people recognize a plant from its leaves; you may find some logos and illustrations of weed leaves on weed seller’s T-shirt. Also, it is the leaves which are harvested in tobacco plants, so it is easy to understand that why are the leaves of the weed plants are so recognized in weed smokers. The cannabinoids make the leaves eatable, but if you want a good high, then you will be disappointed. If you depend solely on leaves, as said earlier it is only the bud that has all those produce charming recreational effects on the body of a smoker and this is all because of the sticky crystals that you see around the bud. 

Last words 

So, if you want to get high and want to go to the extreme level, then you should consume the buds, not the leaves. Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts.