Month: August 2020

Which part of the plant should you smoke to get high?

Normally a person who does not smoke or consume weed of any type and has stepped in to take his first one thinks that the leaves of Marijuana is commonly said as weed and it can be consumed to get high. We will find out that which are the parts of the plants that is used to consume and which are the parts that should be avoided.

Confusion about what part should be consumed?

However, many people think that it’s the leaves that is used for smoking, but in reality, it’s the bud which is commonly smoked in. This thought generally resides in the new people who have just started to try weed for recreation, and it is also because it is the leaves of the plant which is branded for long and not the bud, but very few people know that it is the bud which should be consumed. It is also true that people recognize a plant from its leaves; you may find some logos and illustrations of weed leaves on weed seller’s T-shirt. Also, it is the leaves which are harvested in tobacco plants, so it is easy to understand that why are the leaves of the weed plants are so recognized in weed smokers. The cannabinoids make the leaves eatable, but if you want a good high, then you will be disappointed. If you depend solely on leaves, as said earlier it is only the bud that has all those produce charming recreational effects on the body of a smoker and this is all because of the sticky crystals that you see around the bud. 

Last words 

So, if you want to get high and want to go to the extreme level, then you should consume the buds, not the leaves. Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts.

Methods to bring down your high

Most of the people are very much addicted to getting high by taking weed. Some of them are people who want to high for very long but for some people, weed continues for very long. And those are the people who wanted to bring down their high as soon as possible. Or to decrease the time of being high.

When does the weed start effect?

Before knowing how to bring down the highness, we should know that when the Marijuana works. If you are smoking Marijuana, then the onset of the high may be nearly immediate. The effect ranges from 30 minutes to an hour after inhalation. This high from smoke can last for hours, but, its intensity starts decreasing after a few hours, and you can feel the effect within minutes. It will affect your body quickly because the weed goes into your circulatory system. And thus, blood via lungs within minutes of inhaling. The THC component is the primary product in cannabis that determines how long your high lasts and the metabolism of the body for digesting this component makes your high initiate and last. Hence we can say that it mainly depends on how much THC has been consumed by a person. However, the method of consumption also has a vital role as it is the major factor that determines the lasting of high. Still, the amount you consume holds a hand in it, and so, we can say that it starts its effect without any delay.

Methods to bring down your high.

When you want to come down because they are feeling very high, then you need to know that it will go on and will be finished with time. But if you want to come down as quickly as possible, then we give you several methods which will surely help you to come down. Some of these are:

  1. Ingesting Black Pepper
  2. Having Deep Breathes
  3. Taking Cold Shower
  4. Consuming CBD Oil


One may get high, and one may be less from consuming the weed it depends on your body tolerance but taking in a low dose and increasing will help you not to get too high. 

Lastly, I want to thank you for reading my thoughts and appreciating our work.


Why is it important to understand how many grams of weed is in a pound of weed?

If you use or need weed frequently for any purpose, then you must know how many grams of weed is in a pound of weed. There is much more to know about how many grams are in a pound of a weed. It is not that you can see it with the eyes. For being a well – informed customer, you must have the knowledge of the weight. After knowing you will also be able to advocate of yours if you will not receive the correct quantity of weed for which you are paying.

It is also an impressive talent in being able to convert from pounds to grams. There is many of the people who do not know the basic conversions, but if you are a regular customer of weed, then you owe it to yourself to be informed. Having this knowledge will always allow you to protect w you to protect yourself not only in ways of transaction but also legally.

Understanding how to convert the measurement is one of the tools that transcends you to be sure and receive about what you paid for. In a legal manner, there is a limitation of the amount of weed you can have on a person at any given time. If you don’t have the knowledge of conversion rates or the measurement units, then you might end up carrying more weed than the legal limitations.


These are some of the most and basic importance to know why you need the information on mass and have the knowledge of measurement. Otherwise, you can be cheated, and you can do illegal things accidentally. And it can end you in an unwanted situation. Lastly, I want to thank you for giving your precious time to my thoughts.


What is “Brown” weed?

Brown weeds are the last one that you would like to taste in your life. These are the worst quality, cheap products which are heavily available in the market. Its love of making easy money which attracts there producers to grow such plants as these low-quality weeds don’t require much effort to be grown. They just need to throw in some seeds and keep watering them, even before they reach maturity these plants are harvested and dried like hell. These weeds are also called brick weed because after drying and curing these weeds are filled in a vacuum container for transportation in a brick-shaped vessel. It’s the desire to make fast and handsome money which compels growing these brown weeds.

Brown weed are the lowest quality weed that contains a low concentration of THC in it. In case you have a good tolerant to THC, you might not feel high, but in case you are a low potent beginner to weed culture, it might have an effect at you, but it won’t last too long. For a person to get high, he needs to consume in a huge amount of these which will only affect your body and end up getting you on the bed. It may cause sore throat and anxiousness, which you won’t like. Even now, if you are willing to buy some, I must tell you, it tastes like hell.

However, there are a few benefits too; these weeds are used for medicinal purpose on mentally sick people also, it can be used as a substitute for many expensive dyes in cannabis recipe. These aren’t like those top-notch green weeds which get moisturized with a simple squeeze between fingers unlike those of riggie brown weeds which are dry at all. In case you find some brown or dark packets of weed in the market, avoid buying one

Things to know about Reggie Weed

Reggie weeds produce seeds there for there much be more seeds production rather than the leaves. It is produced in totally different way and which causes very nauseated effect.Reggie weed have dark green color and sometime it is brown too. Reggie weed have very strange color on it.

Reggie weed is not good in taste. It is far cry from good quality taste of cannabis. It is very unpleasant and onecannot enjoy it for long and can feel nausea while having it.

Reggie weed is easy to get. One can get from black market easily and its very cheap also. 


The THC that is tetrahydrocannabinol contained in Reggie weed. It can make you high along with some therapeutic benefits. But in this cannabis compound can make you high. Many weeds have this THC but Reggie weed have only level of 2 percent. Average THC can be in strain of 10 percent. Low THC in Reggie weed means you have to consume ton of it to get that kind of high.

Reggie Weed Quality

Reggie weed is a result of poor quality of grown and fertilizers that makes to grown it into so many seeds. Female Reggie weed produces seed which diverts energy to have THC production and grow buds into growing more seeds. This make the plant quality worse.Reggie weed is grown in the field directly and one can grow it in large field just make yourself free from cops.

Reggie weed is not so strong so one can develop the tolerance towards the smoke in less timer. 

Conclusion: The effect of Reggie weed is very low and many smokers does not feel it that shows it potency. Reggie weed is a shit comes under C grade smells like a brute.